Tactile Indicators

Bladed Shaft Type

Tactile Hazard Indicator – 600mm long – 10mm and 15mm shaft (PFSA THIBS)

Tactile Directional Indicator – 300mm long – 10mm and 15mm shaft (PFSA TDIBS)

Composition: Polyurethane tactile indicators.

Bladed shaft can be installed on most new or existing substrates and uses a saw cut installation process.

Download Bladed Hazard Product PDF Brochure          Download Bladed Directional Product PDF Brochure

Star Shaft

Tactile Hazard Indicator on 12mm and 25mm single star shaft (PFSA THISS)

Tactile Hazard Indicator on star shaft – solid stainless steel (PFSA THISSSSTCH)

Composition: Polyurethane and stainless steel tactile indicators

Star shaft can be installed on new or existing substrates and uses a drilled hole installation process.

Slip resistance for pedestrian surfaces: Tested to AS/NZS 4586:1999 by the CSIRO achieving an R11 rating for tactile hazard indicators and an R10 rating for tactile direc

tional indicators (test results are available on request).

Chemical resistance: Resistant to most common acids, alkalis, oils and greases.

Australian standards: Conforming to AS1428.4:2009 with a 45% luminance contrast.

Warranty: Product and Installation where installed by Pathtek are covered under the PFSA warranty. All approved warranty work will be carried out at no charge and replaced immediately.

Suitability: Our tactile indicators are hard wearing and durable allowing them to be installed in the highest internal or external pedestrian traffic areas, they are resistant to constant extreme UV conditions. They will not chip, crack or fracture with substrate movement and can be installed on most substrates including concrete, asphalt, ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, slate tiles, glass, granite, travertine, pavers, epoxy, terrazzo, brick, screed, limestone, sandstone, wood, parquetry, vitrified porcelain, carpet, vinyl, and masonry.

Colour Range: Standard colour range listed below. Customised colours supplied on request with suitable lead times.

colour range